Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost Done in Nevada

Monday, March 3. Just back in Las Vegas from overnight trip to Zion NP. The place is spectacular. I took many photos but none could capture the scale or power. It made me think a lot that there are forces in this world that dwarf me.

Tomorrow Marc and I will climb again, maybe Birdland. Then I will head back east. It's time. I've missed Lois so much and am starting to think more about home things like my own bed, my favorite chair and MARRS (the orange cat). I likely won't have a chance to post anything more until I get home.


Photos: Cliffs of Zion Canyon.

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Peter Ashcroft said...

Your stories of Red Rocks leave me green with envy. Speaking of green, it's time to get back here so we can address that Green Wall!